Posted by: Arvind | May 13, 2008

Valparai Diary

Finally wake up to the alarm shaking off that yearning to go back to sleep

Leave from home to the railway station, hoping to catch a train and suddenly having second thoughts about going on a solo trip.
Reach the ticket counter but it’s closed. Finally opens as the train arrives. Usual cases of people cutting the line and arguments with them adds to the fun. Not even that obnoxious lady squealing in faulty English can shake the sleep out the man behind the counter. Finally get the ticket as the train starts. Rush into the last compartment of Kurla Express to Coimbatore.
6.15 AM : A mad man on the train livens up the journey. Tries to imitate Rajnikanth miserably. Suddenly flicks someone’s chappals and runs, only to return it in a couple of minutes.
6.45 AM : Stuck at Irugur, yet again! I just can’t believe it. Something about Irugur and me that ensures an half hour stoppage there every single time I cross it, whatever the mode of transport (bus/car/train)!

Stuck yet again at Irugur Station!

Yet again, stuck at Irugur!

7.45 AM : Finally reach Coimbatore after some more delays on the train. Take bus to Ukkadam bus stand
8.00 AM : Hungry, but hop on to Pollachi bus, which leaves immediately.
9.00 AM : Reach Pollachi and have breakfast at Saravana Bhavan near the bus stand. Bad choice! Extremely crowded and took 45 mins to finish a breakfast of Dosa and Pongal!
9.50 AM : Finally get a seat in a bus to Valparai. Seats can be reserved with hand kerchiefs, do have one with you. Otherwise getting a seat is pretty impossible.


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